The Deadly Systems Sampler - Features 10 tracks available for .mp3 download as a group and individually at the following online retailers:
Artist Track Artist Track
Deadly Buda Speaker Creature
DJ Freak
Deadly Buda Do-It-Yourself Religion
Somatic Responses
Deadly Buda
Nirvana Trail
Somatic Responses
DJ Freak
4 to the floor
Somatic Responses
DJ Freak
Somatic Responses
Never Been to Rome


The following Deadly Systems Vinyl Records are available from

DS-003 DJ Freak - "Le Freak est Mort??" DS-006 Somatic Responses
4 to the floor  Hellbound
Planetcore  RP03
Syntax  Hybrid
Never Been to Rome
Never Been to Rome
DS-007 A - Various Artists - Praxis U.S.A. Disc 1 DS-007 B - Various Artists - Praxis U.S.A. Disc 2
Base Force One All Bright (Counter Punch 1) DJ Scud Come with it
Hecate Suspicious H. and the Jackal Mechanic Deviance
Mechos Sub-Route DJ Scud and Christoph Fringeli Something Violent
Kovert No Surrender Nomex Gorf Beat One